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The first impression is everything, especially when it comes to applying to your desired job—the vehicle that will provide you and your family sustenance, bestows upon you a sense of pride and, in many cases, defines you as a person. Getting the job is your desired outcome and the tool to get you in the door: well, that’s your resume. 

Out of 100 job applicants, on average 5 will be invited by the hiring manager for an interview; up to 3 will progress to the final interview, and only 1 will be offered that job.

With such stiff competition, it is imperative to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition, but how do you go about doing so? Although you consider yourself far from a bad writer, it may seem cumbersome to overhaul your resume in an effective way (not to mention matching the updated trends); all your time and energy is spent working your current job, with the kids or concentrated in other areas, and there may be some anxiety when it comes to the job application / document writing process.

Don’t fret… Resume Makeover is there to help you!  Here are some of the services we can provide for you...

A La Carte & Package Classifications

I levels includes a revamped Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter + a strategy / interview session to thoroughly break down the clients' resume and career history, gather and clarify any additional information needed and discuss career objectives. The client will receive final drafts in 3 formats (.txt, .PDF and .doc).

LIP (“LinkedIn Profile” revamp) – a highly marketable and informative presentation of the client’s job history, career highlights and strengths, certifications and key skills, plus a strong opening summary. In this modern day age, connecting with industry professionals and employers is as easy as a ‘click,’ and when they click on the client, let’s give them a reason to want to stick around.  

Packages include the I (Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter) + LIP 

Applicant Categories

Entry Level – students, new grads & entry-level professionals just entering the job market.

Professional Level – professionals with some experience in the job market, not in management, executive or other specialized areas (i.e. IT, Engineering / Science).

Management – Spec. Level – managers and directors with hiring and firing responsibilities for employees within a company as well as specialized professionals (i.e. IT/Engineering/Medical).

Executive Level - senior management with bottom-line fiscal, hiring and firing responsibilities for managers.



Entry Level I - $199

Entry Level LIP - $49

Entry Level Package - $229 ($19 savings)

Professional Level I - $399

Professional Level LIP - $99

Professional Level Package - $449 ($49 savings)

Management – Spec. Level I - $699

Management – Spec. Level LIP - $149

Management – Spec. Level Package - $769 ($79 savings)

Executive. Level I - $999

Executive Level LIP - $199

Executive Level Package - $1,089 ($109 savings)

*Up to 3 revisions provided for the first 30 days (from the purchase date of the client's order/package)*

Note: Category pricing based on the level that the job applicant is applying to, not necessarily that of which he/she currently obtains