About Us

Our Approach

We believe in a unique and customized consulting & resume writing experience for each and every client.

Each job applicant and job position is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your job application reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your industry, your culture, your one-of-a-kind strengths.

About Lesley

Lesley Yvonne Hunter, president of Resume Makeover and Lesley Yvonne LLC, is a licensed Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and copywriter. Her resume writing experience is vast as she has reconstructed and given resume makeovers to various clients cross-industry from recent college graduates to high-level executives.  Some of the clients Lesley has worked for have applied for and obtained jobs in the fields of accounting, management, sales, entertainment, law, design, education, writing, administration, government and others.

Lesley believes in providing exceptional customer service and prides herself on personable and professional client interaction and consultation to provide the most appropriate and customized resume and cover letter to her clients.

Additional areas of copywriting expertise include content creation (web and print), radio commercials/scripts, social media management, blogging, bios and press releases.

When Lesley is not writing or reconstructing resumes, she may be playing piano or doing voiceovers as she is a classically trained pianist since age 4 and works with an agency for voice and on-screen talent.  She is also a lover of languages, fluent in French (oral & written), with basic proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Italian.

Our Clients Speak

Rachel McKenzie

"I  recently hired Lesley to edit my resume as I am applying for Data Analysis jobs and needed (what I thought) was only some grammatical review and wording touch-ups. I was completely elated when I received a resume back that not only was edited flawlessly, but was completely restructured in a way that looked more organized, was eye-catching and highlighted my abilities in the best way. 

Lesley is truly a wordsmith and marketer, as she changed some of the language of the job duties from my original resume to essentially say some of the same things in a more compelling way. She also took the time to explain to me why she rearranged and changed or added certain sections to highlight my skills and experience better and asked me some detailed questions to truly understand my job roles and accomplishments in certain positions and throughout my schooling. 

Being a native of China and recently moving to the US, Lesley also explained certain cultural differences to me in some wording implications and awards that I received in China and what they mean in the US. Through clarifying and educating me on some of these differences, she was able to highlight on my resume a pretty big award that I received and created a whole separate awards sections for me. She even did research on career development after talking with me in details about my career goal, sent me documents to help me better understanding the industry I want to enter. She did much more than just editing my resume. She truly helped me out as a mentor, and I have received several callbacks for interviews!"


-- R. McKenzie

Edward Major

"I hired Lesley to compose a cover letter and restructure my resume. Needless to say I was shocked when I received the finish product. It's not like I didn't know that it would be good, it was just so good that I couldn't even believe that it belonged to me. She is truly a wordsmith and a wonderful person to do business with. I will definitely be recommending her to everyone that I know. Thank you Lesley for doing such a wonderful job with my resume."

                         -- E. Major